Noonchi Ultra stretch waist pack-Black

Noonchi Ultra stretch waist pack-Black

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Yes this waist pack is amazing, yes it is super stretchy and can expand big enough to carry your entire life. Thats just the begining...

Don’t waste your time with all the other "normal" waste packs out there. This is the real deal. The Noonchi name will make this world a better place. 

The Noonchi name represents chill, positivity, good vibes, connection and greatness. Positivity will come your way because you get back what you put out. Easy as that!

If you choose to wear a Noonchi product, you agree to either: say hey, hi, wave, smile or head nod to ANYONE you see wearing anything Noonchi. 

Please only purchase this product if you agree to the rules and conditions of wearing Noonchi products. By showing positivity to other Noonchi supporters you are making this world a cooler and friendlier place.

Lets all make this world a lil more chill.