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Working out at work

 Author: Mike Kostyo

A new fitness product launches in 2019, designed to combat our sedentary lifestyles

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for you, but a study released last year that quantified those negative effects surprised even the researchers. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic study found that lack of exercise was worse for long-term health than smoking, heart disease, and diabetes. “It should be treated almost as a disease that has a prescription, which is called exercise,” Dr. Wael Jaber, a Cleveland Clinic cardiologist and the senior author of the study, told CNN.

But we certainly can’t all quit our jobs, the vast majority of which are sedentary, which is why a wide range of products have hit the market aimed at making us more active while on the job. Unfortunately, they rarely work. Most of them are simply too expensive and inconvenient, forcing us into an all-or-nothing proposition of standing, using a treadmill, or balancing on a ball at our desks for the entire day. And they’re rarely portable, making them particularly ill-suited for today’s work lifestyle, where we may move from our desk to a common area and back again in an open office plan, get work done in a co-working space, or work part-time from home.

“Even the best workout equipment is only as good as a person’s desire and ability to use it,” said Andy Lujan. That’s why Lujan is introducing NOONCHI, a complete workout system that attaches to nearly any office chair, turning it into a muscle building and fat burning machine. 

“Many of the workout machines at your local gym are really, at their core, a type of chair, so why not use the chair you already have in your office to accomplish your fitness goals and prevent the harm that comes from a sedentary lifestyle?” asks Lujan. The patent-pending NOONCHI system is a 10-piece set that includes multiple resistance bands, allowing an individual to add resistance for an intense muscle-building workout or remove resistance bands to prioritize a quick fat-burning session. With quick, simple adjustments, the NOONCHI adapts to work on different muscle groups, from chest and back to arms and legs. 

In developing the NOONCHI, the team wanted to make it simple to fit a workout into a busy work day. With almost no setup, anyone can squeeze in a quick workout between calls or emails, or they can accomplish a comprehensive routine before work, during lunch, or at the end of the day and still save time versus traveling to and from a gym.

At the same time, NOONCHI is designed to be unobtrusive – when it’s not in use it simply hangs on the back of the chair, out of the way. It’s also lightweight and portable, folding up into an easy-to-carry package that can travel from home to office and beyond. The NOONCHI gives anyone access to a comprehensive workout that they can accomplish anywhere there is a chair.

“I want to make it as easy as possible for people to set and keep their fitness goals,” said Lujan, noting that only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, according to a University of Scranton study.  

“If exercise is the prescription for a sedentary lifestyle, our goal is for everyone who sits in an office chair to have a NOONCHI,” said Lujan. “NOONCHI chair workout can and should be used by every single person that spends time at a desk.”

Author: Mike Kostyo