The Everyone, Every chair, Anywhere Workout!

The all new Noonchi version 2 any chair workout attaches to any chair in your home, office, school, dorm and more!. The Noonchi V2 comes with (2) 20lb Noonchi bands and (2) 5lb Noonchi bands that can be used separately for minimal resistance or combined for max resistance. Whether you're looking to build muscle or trim and tone, the Noonchi V2 can accommodate your needs!

See what the Noonchi can do for you!

"When Covid-19 hit and all the gyms closed, the Noonchi workout was truly a lifesaver!" -The Portman Family

We should all prepare the best that we can for whatever situation life throws at us. The Noonchi V2 workout is the absolute best way to cover for your fitness needs.

The Noonchi V2 Chair workout easily attaches to all wheelchairs!

Rehabilitation & Recovery Approved!

The new Noonchi V2 is perfect for: