Perfect for any office.

Easily clips onto YOUR office chair

The Noonchi office chair workout is made to fit YOUR office chair!

The Noonchi chair workout comes with 4 high quality Noonchi resistance bands.

The Noonchi comes with
(2)-5 lb bands and (2)-20lb Noonchi resistance bands to meet your strength requirements.

(Bands can all be used together for higher resistance.)


The Noonchi workout is made to be completely versatile and designed to accommodate all of your fitness needs.

Fully Adjustable

The Noonchi office chair workout is fully adjustable to suit your height, personal office chair and workout level. 

See what the Noonchi can do!

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workout while at work

Workout every body part right from your own office chair!


Just what I needed! Ive been waiting a long time for something like this.

Kevin S.

Thank you, This fits perfect in my room. 

Pham N.

I just wanted to thank you for creating the Noonchi workout. I use it daily in between emails and phone calls. 

Linda H.

I purchased 6 workouts for my team. Everyone loves it. I definitely notice a positive change in the office vibe. Thank you!

Mike T.