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Stop putting it off! It's time to look how you've always dreamed of looking, Feel how you deserve to feel and be the person you've always wanted to be. With the new Noonchi V2, you can easily watch the pounds melt away as you workout on YOUR time. The Noonchi is lightweight and portable so you can effortlessly take it wherever you go.

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Turn your office chair, kitchen chair, kid's room chair, grandma's chair, ANY chair into a fun healthy workout station!

"When Covid-19 hit and all the gyms closed, the Noonchi workout was truly a lifesaver!" -The Portman Family

We should all be prepared for whatever situation life throws at us. During the pandemic all the gyms and schools shut down. We needed a affordable easy way to meet our fitness needs. The Noonchi V2 workout is the absolute best most cost effective way to cover the family's fitness needs. -Daniel Portman

The new Noonchi V2 is perfect for:

Rehabilitation & Recovery Approved!