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The Noonchi Chair workout is the perfect home gym, office gym and travel gym. The Noonchi ultimate chair workout sets up in just seconds and easily attaches to all standard office chairs. This is the perfect desk workout for anyone that spends time behind a desk. If you’re looking for a chair exercise device, desk exercise machine or office exercise product, the Noonchi is the only way to go!

Easily attaches to your office chair!

Your own Gym, anywhere, anytime!

Comes with everything you need to turn your office chair into your own personal gym.

The Noonchi chair workout comes with everything you need to start working out at work today!

The Noonchi office exercise device easily clips onto all standard size office chairs. 

Office chair exercise device

Easily attaches to the back of your office chair.

Anyone can do it! The Noonchi is light weight, easy to set up and easy to use. This is the perfect home gym.

Fully Adjustable

The Noonchi office chair workout is fully adjustable to suit your height, personal office chair and workout level. 

See what the Noonchi can do for you!

workout while at work

Workout every body part right from your own office chair!