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  • Noonchi Office Chair workout, office workout, home workout.
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  • Noonchi Ultra stretch waist pack-Gray
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See what the Noonchi can do!

The Noonchi is great for mild stretching or a serious workout session.

Perfect for any fitness level.

Super compact design.

The lightweight, compact, space saving design offers a no hassle set up, convenient access and easy storage. Perfect for any office.

Easily snaps onto YOUR chair! Best office workout 2019!

10 piece set. Easy to attach. Voted Best chair workout 2019!


I decided to use the Noonchi just while taking phone calls. I  noticed a change in my mood the first day!

Fernando L

Everyone is already talking about how much weight I've lost since I started using the product. I feel like I have so much more energy!

Janet T

I'm big on employee health. I purchased these for each one of my employees as gifts. The office now has a great vibe!.  Thanks Noonchi!

Jeff B

Start your new healthy and happy life today!

Best desk workout of 2019!

Like so many of us around the world, you're spending more and more of your time at your desk,  feeling more and more unhealthy. What if there was a way to burn calories, get the blood flowing and get fit while you work? As of 2019, there is a way!